Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are you taking care of your hand?

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Most of us take care of our face, moisturizing it and all that good stuff. We tend to not pay attention to our hands. Here is an interesting fact I found about hand, it ages faster than your face. It is the first indicator of a person’s age. We also wash our hands a lot through out the day which results in dehydration. Try applying a hand creme as much as you can. Also, when you go out, use the sunscreen on your hand. Since it is not always convenient to apply a hand creme throughout the day, treat your hand with creme before you sleep at night time. I know some people even put anti aging creme on their hands before going to sleep. Basically, the deal here is to treat your hands the same way you treat your face. Don’t forget the neck area as well. That is the second indication of your age. Personally I need to work on all these routines. I drink lots of water, so it’s hard to apply lotion every time you come back from restroom. I tend to forget or feel lazy. At night time, I try to put a creme whenever I remember. At the moment, I don’t even have a hand creme, so I just use my Vaseline body lotion or my bath and body lotion. The important thing is not letting your hand to feel dry or dehydrate. Also, you want to concentrate on your back of your hand because putting all the creme on our face pretty much takes care of our palm. And of course, eat foods that have plenty of anti-oxidants, vitamin A,B,C,D,K. Drink water throughout the day because you need to be hydrated from inside to be hydrated outside.
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