Monday, April 18, 2011

beachy hair

Hi dolls! I recently cut my hair, so its super short. If any of you have short hair, you know how hard it is to style it. My hair is very dry and wavy. So, I either have to straighten or curl my hair to make it look presentable to the society. Anyhow, I hate straightening my hair. Its so much work. Same with using curling iron. So, what I have been doing is this simple technique that gives me beachy wavy hair. I love it. Plus, you don't need any heat for this style. You should be able to do french braiding though. And I say specifically french braiding because my hair is very short and this is the only way I can braid all my hair from all the way top. After I wash my hair, I comb it and shake it. After waiting few minutes, I put my hair mousse (you can use hair spray if you have it) on and start french braiding. I secure it at the end with a rubber band. I usually wash my hair at evening, so I sleep with the hair braided. The next morning, I unbraid my hair slowly. And Voila! There it is. 
How do you style your hair?
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