Sunday, April 24, 2011

Classic and clueless..

Hi all! Today was an unproductive day for me. I had so much stuff to do but nothing got done. The room is a mess and the laundry is untouched. I watched two movies and cried like a baby. I hadn’t seen the movie “clueless”. It is such a fashionable movie. Loved it. The tiny checked skirts and knee high socks never looked so cute. And, I also watched “the sisterhood of the traveling pants”. I cried like a baby. Ok, here is the thing, when I am watching a movie alone; I just let go of my emotions. I don’t care. I cry if I feel like it. Besides, it cleans your eyes!
Clueless 1995
Anyways, lately I have been watching movies a lot, especially classic movies. I watch old movies from 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. I have been watching Alfred Hitchcock movies and I love them so much. I am a fan of black and white movies. The way they spoke and dressed up those days is just fascinating to me. Their speeches are very articulate. The men dressed up in suits and hats looked so gentlemen; the women dressed very glamorously with their flawless hairstyles. Everything seemed to be in place. 
Shadow of a doubt 1943
Rear window 1954
The Birds 1963

  Do you love movies? What kind of movies do you like?
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