Friday, April 15, 2011

Hair braiding..

Since we are talking about hair braiding, my mind wanders off to the time when I was a little girl. I did my schooling in south Asia (back home). We were required to braid our hair every single day we go to school. My mom used to do it for me most of the time. My mom knows all different kinds of braiding, fish tail and what not. I used to hate braiding my hair. I still tend to leave my hair down most of the time. But that’s because, my head hurts when I tie it with rubber bands. My hair roots feel this burning sensation. It’s not as serious as it sounds though. Anyhow, now I do like hair braiding but I am not very good at doing them. I never learned from my mom, I should have. Braiding your hair gives you instant style, weather it be a bohemian style or just a clean cute style. There are so many ways of braiding; French style, fish tail style, rope style and so on. And they are not that hard, you just need to practice. What is your best hair style? 
 Hope you guys are staying fabulous!

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