Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Products that I am loving at the moment..

Green tea- You guys knew this was coming, right? *smile* It is still pretty cold here and the only thing that is keeping me happy is my hot green tea. Also, I have been thinking about making green tea toner for a while now. Currently I don't own a toner for my skin. Stick around and I will show you how my toner came through and if it works. Cost depends.
Olive oil- Can’t get enough of it. I love products that serve multi purposes. I use it to take off my eye makeup, to moisturize on the dry parts of my body, to condition my hair and so on.Cost depends(way cheaper than eye makeup remover). 
Burt’s and bees lip balm- I love it. I don’t know about you guys but my lips are extremely dry. I have to constantly apply lip balm all day long. Nothing worked for me until I found my Burt’s and bees lip balm and it is 100% natural. Cost around 3 USD. 
Maybelline fit me foundation- This is the first liquid foundation I own and I love it. The consistency is very light and it is easy to apply. I recommend this to makeup newbies and to those who don’t like cakey application. It gives your face a dewy look which I love. Cost about 7 USD. 
Wet N wild illuminating powder- I have the lightest shade, catwalk pink. This product gives a very natural highlight. I apply this on my t-zone and upper cheek. It gives a healthy and natural glow to my face. I am all about natural makeup. I love makeup but I want to look as natural as I can on it. Cost about 5 USD. 

Revlon soft silver red- I love this color. As the name suggest it is a soft red, almost coral color. It is not harsh looking for my skin (yellow tone). I recommend it for those who are afraid to use red lipstick. Plus, it is very spring and happy color. Cost 5 USD. 
Aveeno skin brightening daily scrub- I love this product so much that after I finish my existing L’Oreal day moisturizer I am going to switch to Aveeno product. The product has light micro beads on it, so it is great as daily scrub. It does what it says. This product is around 7 USD. Love it! 
Elf all over coverstick- This is a great product. And what do you know, this cost 1 USD. I use it as a concealer and it does its job pretty well. It blends nicely, gives required highlights. Who says make up has to be expensive to be nice? Not me.
Lays garden tomato and basil- yummy! No, I don’t use it as makeup! I love ketchup. I love chips that have ketchup taste. I am having hard time defining the taste of it. It is sweet and sour with the very best basil. One word LOVE! Cost 2.50 USD. 
These are the few products that I am loving at the moment. Hope you enjoyed reading them. What are your best products?

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