Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunscreen/sunblock and its importance..

I have never been too serious about my skin care routine. But lately, I have been researching a lot about anti-aging, importance of moisturizing the skin and so on. I guess I don't want to get old, but who wants to? Finally, in my mid twenties, I have started to take care of my skin. You know, taking your makeup off before you go to sleep and all that good stuff. Frankly, I have never used  much makeup. I mean I didn't know foundation or concealer existed. I have started to use night creme and I use face creme with spf for the day.

Since summer is coming, you need more than spf 15 as you tend to be out and about. So, I got my neutrogena sunblock with spf 100+ . And guys, make sure it has UVA/UVB protection. Now I need to find a lip balm with spf. Its crazy if you think about it. Sun rays is really harmful. Its true you get vitamin D from sun but if you expose yourself to sun without protection, you get sun spots, wrinkle and all that bad stuff. Basically it ages you. It dries your skin.

So drink lots and lots of water guys. What is your favorite sunblock/sunscreen?
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