Thursday, April 7, 2011

sweet olive oil

My first post. I am excited. And it is going to be a beauty tip. I recently found my new love, extra virgin olive oil. I use it to moisturize my body (die cellulite die), my dry hair, nails and occasionally my dry face. It does wonder to dry areas of my body. I also use it to remove my eye makeup. I also tried few drops of olive oil to revive my drying mascara. And boy did it work. I love it. Olive oil helps your eye lashes to condition and grow. So, every time I put on some mascara, I feel like my eye lashes are growing. pretty sweet!
Bertolli Lucca Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 68 oz/Imported from ItalyZoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1-Liter Tins (Pack of 2)
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