Friday, April 8, 2011

Wonderful green tea..

So, lately I have been obsessing about green tea. It is my drug. I dont know if it is a temporary obsession or what, but I just cant go on without green tea. I drink like 3-5 cups a day. So yummy. And I dont put anything in it, just green tea. I know most people dont like it. Ok, here is the deal, you just have to get used to it. Remember coffee, nasty at first but eventually you liked it. Instead of coffee which taste bitter and most of the time you need sugar's help to calm it down, try green tea.

Green tea is source of anti-oxidants. It is known to kill cancer cells, burn more calories, prevent tooth decay and so on. It really helps me digest food. I drink it right after lunch and dinner. And hey, there are so many flavors out there; you are bound to find one you like. Now that summer is slowly crawling even towards ND, I need to find healthy cold drink. I don't like iced tea, so I will have to stick to lemon water.

Going off topic here, but the weather today is weird. Its misty or foggy outside. Looks like Stephen king's mist.Time for second cup. Take care!

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