Friday, May 20, 2011

Fish curry..

1) Grill the fish. Grill it until its golden brown and set it aside. Before you grill the fish, you can also marinate the fish with your choice of spices and leave it for half an hour. That is, if you have plenty of time and feeling not too lazy. Here, I just added some spices on at the time of grilling.

2) Heat a pan, pour cooking oil. Here, I used canola oil. Put minced garlic. Stir fry onions. Add tomato and any other vegetables you like. I added some jalapeƱos and lots of coriander leaves.

3) Add salt to taste. Add fish spice if you have. If not, use black pepper and some kind of meat powder. Here, I used fish masala powder that I got from Asian store.

4) Cook it for few minutes. Mix little amount of corn starch in few cups of water and pour it into the pan. We are doing this to thicken the soup.

5) When the soup/gravy is boiling, add the fish. Add some fresh lemon juice on it.  Et voila!

I had this fish gravy with hot rice. I hope you enjoyed my recipe. Thanks for reading!
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