Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick hair tip of the day

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As we all may know, washing hair everyday is harmful to the hair. It strips the natural oil and leaves your hair dry and dull looking. Unless your hair is extremely oily, you should wash your hair once or twice a week. Gross! No, you can condition your hair in-between. Just don’t rub the conditioner on the root of your hair.

Now, lets get to the quick tip that I learned from the internet (of course!). If your hair starts to get oily or lose its volume on second or third day, put little bit of baby powder on the tip of your fingers and apply it on the oily scalp area. This should eradicate the oiliness. It really works! My hair is pretty dry but my scalp starts to itch from the second day and this trick really helps me. Just be careful while applying the powder, you don’t want your hair to look grey. You can also use corn starch or spend few bucks and buy a dry shampoo! I hope this was helpful to someone. Thanks for reading! Good day/night.
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