Monday, June 6, 2011

15 minutes yoga to kick off your day!

Hi all! I can’t believe I am writing after 5 days. I have been feeling very un-inspired. I think the heat is slowing me down. Do road constructions on summer bother you? I mean, you get so excited for summer and want to go out. And, the roads are all dusty and crazy.

Anyways, let’s get to our topic. I love yoga and I wish I would do it everyday. I will admit that I am lazy and get distracted very fast. I was looking for a quick fix yoga routine that you can do if you are busy, or just lazy to do the whole yoga regime. I found these 10 yoga steps that works on the whole body. These are the 10 best yoga for women according to women’s health magazine. Start your day with these yoga for 15-30 minutes and I promise you will feel great. I have also experienced that, doing yoga right after taking a shower feels heavenly. You will feel very refreshed and happy. Here are the steps:

1. Child's pose

2. Downward facing dog

3. Warrior pose

4. Plank pose

5. Fierce pose

6. Tree pose

7. Garland pose

8. Boat pose

9. Bridge pose

10. Half lord of the fishes
I hope this was helpful to someone. Have a happy week ahead!
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