Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Green curry- potatoes, green/string bean and spinach..


1. Heat oil. Put chopped garlic. (I was out of it, so I did’t use it.)

2. Fry potatoes fingers until its golden brown.

3. Put salt and pepper to taste. I also used  turmeric powder( it is great for skin) and coriander powder.

4. Add beans, spinach and tomatoes. Cook for few minutes and you can take it out. I like to cook it a bit more, so I pour a little water. I let it sit for few more minutes until the beans became tender. 

Cooking reduces the amount of vitamin C in green beans but it does not affect vitamin A content. The best way to cook green beans is to steam them quickly so that they retain their vitamin C. I hope you enjoyed the simple recipe. Thanks for reading.

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