Monday, September 26, 2011

Orange flip..

Hi all. I feel like I have been lost for a long time from blogosphere. I had a little situation. I had nasty tooth pain. The left side of my mouth area began to swell. I already have a very small chin and no sharp cheek bones. So, I look a bit like frog with two chins. It is still painful but not as much as before, and it is getting better.
The camera died after taking one picture.

So, the below pictures are taken at home after we returned. I bought the most beautiful lipstick and I have it on in the photos below. I definitely recommend this lipstick; the color is just so fabulous. I finally found the perfect orange color and the fall is not going to stop me from wearing it. 
What I wore
dress: from Nepal '07
cardigan: herberger's '11
shoes: herberger's '11
clutch: gift from friend U
lipstick: revlon moon drops lipstick 710 orange flip (buy)
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