Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Striped top and black pants..

I have always heard that horizontal stripes make your frame shorter. Since I am already petite, I was always afraid to wear one. But, what’s life without risks, right? The top is stretchable and very comfortable. Because it has black stripes, I went with black skinny jeans. I have changed up the shoes this time. I always wear girly shoes. I used to wear this loafer for my previous job. It is so comfy. Yesterday, I thought I would give it a try for laid back casual attire. And oh, I might have found my fall lipstick. I love this color so much.
top: faded glory, walmart '11
cardigan: victoria secret '11 
jeans: forever21 '11
shoes: payless '09
clutch: walmart '11
necklace: jc penny '11
lipstick: walmart, maybelline 465 madison mauve '11
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