Sunday, October 16, 2011

White sweater and random tea mug..

My mom got this sweater for me couple of years ago from Nepal. I love the color white. I feel like white outfit makes you look clean and fresh. I love the little sequins detail on this sweater. The only con is the fitting; I wish it was a little loose on me.

I love the look of leggings or tights. But, I hate putting it on. My nails keep on scratching the fabric and I get so irritated. Does this happen to you? 

I just noticed that all the pictures have my tea mug/bottle. We went to this beautiful lake to take pictures and it was cold. I had taken my tea with me. And apparently, decided to include it in photos!!
 What I wore:
sweater: from Nepal '09
shorts: arizona, jc penny '11
bag: bueno, tj maxx '11
wedges: old navy '11 (similar)
sunglasses: vanity '11
earring: sister's
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