Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photos of the day..

How are you guys doing? I am having a pretty lazy day. It is cloudy outside, its been raining on and off. The days are getting extremely cold and windy. Winter is not very far. Snow must me its half way! I actually do like snowy/rainy/cloudy day. Basically, I love depressing days. I mean, I am not very outgoing. Like, I love staying home. I am pretty boring in that sense.

I took some random pictures. I think they are pretty cool. This is going to be totally impromptu post.
i was going to wear this sweater :-(
yep, that's glass crack!
that's sun trying to peek out, total fail!
cute, isn't it!
5 years+ old forver21 earring that i absolutely love but its kinda heavy.
obsessed much with sequins! part of my ethnic dress.
does this make you dizzy? it is the inside cover of some kind of snack. yes, i take crazy photos. 
a gift from a friend  from Uzbekistan. its a little clay fridge sticker kind of thing! 
Thats it for today. Let me know if you liked my randomness. Ciao!
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