Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cotton maxi dress and the last bbq..

Went to the last bbq of the year yesterday. We called it the last bbq because winter is just around the corner here. The weather was mid seventy(fahrenheit), but it was very windy. So, it was a bit cold. I know, for some of you 70 is like super cold but for us North Dakotans, 70 is like 90. Nonetheless, it was a fun day. Although, it got dark at about 7pm, we still went strong till 9pm.

I love shopping for summer clothing in fall, because they are sold with major discounts. I love this maxi dress. It is roomy and super comfortable. It has lovely prints and I believe is 100% cotton. And, it fits me perfectly.
What I wore:
maxi dress: energie, Herbergers '11
cardigan: old navy '10
sandal: victoria secret
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