Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winter is here!..

Hi everyone. How are you guys doing? I have been very uninspired lately. Winter is officially here. It was rumored to snow yesterday but it didn’t. But it was very cold, turn-on-the-heater-cold!

The pictures were taken with our small digital camera, so the quality is not the best. I am wearing a jacket that I got couple of years ago from Nepal. It was ready-made and fitted me perfectly. It is stretchable material. This was my first time wearing it. I had hard time styling it. I still don't think I styled them properly. I had to wear something warm and long sleeve inside because of the cold weather. Let me know what you think. 
happy halloween! (at the mall)
omg, yes those are toilet papers! (at k-mart)
 What I wore:
jacket/ scarf: from Nepal 
pants: forever21
top/purse: vanity '11 
shoes: kmart '11
ear studs: walmart '11
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