Tuesday, November 15, 2011


These pictures are from last evening. We had to run some errands. It was freezing outside. It snowed a little bit too. We were at the bank and I decided to take my pictures there. It was 6pm, dark and freezing. It is pretty impossible to take pictures outside these days. While taking these pictures, my eyes and nose teared up and we stopped. You will notice that my hands are intact in the cozy pockets.

I got this jacket few years ago. I have probably worn it only couple of times. I don’t know why. I am not too crazy about it, I should have returned it. The good thing is that it’s really warm and is perfect for winter. It is of suede material. I think I look like a cow boy in this outfit. And that’s perfectly ok because this is North Dakota. Eeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa!
What I wore
jacket: overstock.com
pants: forever21 '11
boots: Bakers (gift)
scarf: Nepal
earring: walmart '11
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