Thursday, December 22, 2011

All black and a pop of purple..

Hi everyone. How are you guys? I am freezing here! I see other bloggers wearing spring/summer clothes (and i think to myself what a wonderful world....). ;-) I actually like cold weather. I am not very outgoing. I enjoy staying home, cooking good food and playing card games. Maybe I am just getting old!

I am wearing this beautiful purple top that I got from jc penny a while back. I fell in love with its neckline and the pretty details around it. The color is absolutely beautiful. I wore all black so that the top beautifully stands out. If you think I look different or weird, its the eye makeup. I experimented with my eye makeup today. What do you think? hot or raccoon eyes! :-D
What I wore:
top: jc penny '11
cardigan: old navy '11
pants: f21 '11
shoes: kmart '11
stud earring: walmart '11
necklace: gift
clutch: vanity '11
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