Friday, March 23, 2012

Gray poncho top and shorts..

Hi Friends. We had rain last night. It is gloomy and a little foggy outside. It is dark inside. I love these kind of weather. I know most people would disagree. It can be a little depressing, I suppose. I just find these kind of days so peaceful. I have noticed that I always start my posts by talking about weather. Trying to make small talks!

As summer is approaching, the days are getting longer. We have been going out for walks often. Yesterday, we made a date with our couple-friends at the park. I believe, we spent about 3 hours there. We had so much fun. We walked, we ran, we jumped. We were like bunch of kids. We had taken a camera as well. We made silly faces and took like thousand pictures. We are having our first spring bbq tomorrow and I am excited.

Obviously, I dressed for comfort. It was pretty warm. So, I went with the shorts. I wore this top before, here. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for reading.
at the train track by the park
What I wore
top: herbergers
necklace: herbergers
sandal: walmart
bracelet: jc penny
sunglasses: vanity
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