Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Visiting farmhouse..

We went to Tioga past weekend. We stayed at a friend's farmhouse. To be exact, we spend the night in the wooden cabin built by him. It was a great experience. We reached the place at friday night. We had planned a bonfire that night but it rained. So, we stayed inside and played games, talked and drank. Went to bed in the morning. Woke up at afternoon and went for the farm tour. Unfortunately it was a bit windy and cold. Friends did some target shooting. I skipped, I just didn't feel comfortable around guns. Made some special cuisine in the evening and returned back at night.

I wish I had more clear pictures. I am sharing a few good ones. Enjoy!
this is the gate to their place..
Hi there!
I am grabbing the horse hair tightly so I won't fall..
thats not me! one of my friend, she was really concentrating..
beautiful horses..
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