Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Summer dresses, sunglasses and good deals..

Like everyone else, I like a good deal on clothes and stuff. I don’t feel good when I have to pay the full price, because eventually the prices will go down. And, I am not that of a trendy person that I have to buy things right away. When season changes, the stores tend to put summer items on sale and clearances. If you are willing to spent a quality time searching for the deals, you will undoubtedly find them.

You have to be smart though. Sometimes, you end up buying something that you really don't like, just because of the lower prices. This has happened to me a lot. These days, I have made a term with myself. I look at the items first. If I like it, then I check the price. Because if I check the price first and if it is low, I might just buy it. And, later I realize I don't like it.

Here are few items that I found recently that I really love and, were great deals.
This dress was $8 from jc penny.
This maxi dress was $6 from herbergers.
These were $2 each from vanity.
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