Friday, October 19, 2012

Stripes, polka dots and awkward pose..

(cardigan: victoria's secret) (striped tshirt: walmart) (earrings & scarf: herbergers) (shoes:kmart) (sunglasses: vanity)
I love taking pictures outside whenever possible. I feel like the pictures are more appealing to the eyes when taken with nature. But, I give the most awkward poses. I don’t know where I should place my hands, or if I should smile. I am afraid people will see me.

I try to find a secluded place to take pictures. Most of the times, I get lot of pictures taken so that I can choose the nice ones. Unfortunately, this photo shoot was one of those quick ones. I had to plead the photographer to take some pictures, and I promised 5-6 clicks would do.

Are you a good poser?
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