Thursday, January 3, 2013

looking back- 2012 outfits recap

I started this blog in mid April 2011. It started more as a lifestyle blog. I would occasionally post outfit posts and such. Since then, I have posted a lot more outfit posts. Here are few things I learned about myself fashion-wise.

  • I am not a glamorous woman and never will be. For me, the less is more.

  • I am not pumps person especially those that have high heels. I mean, I love them but I just cannot wear them casually going to the mall and stuff like that. Also, I cannot walk in them comfortably.

  • I suck at eye makeup.

  • I love lipsticks.

  • I love sunglasses. The bigger, the better.

  • I have realized that I am not much of a bag person. I mean,I love them but somehow I end up not carrying them. I prefer small clutches. 

  • I will never open up personally in my blog. This is too much already! (Warning: pictures overload ahead)

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