Monday, March 18, 2013

How to achieve curly/wavy hair without using any hot tools/rollers..

I love different hairstyles. If I could, I would change my hairstyles with every outfits. I have always been inclined to curly hair. Probably because I didn’t have it. You know how we all want things that we don’t have! Human nature ?

Growing up, my hair was thick, heavy and straight. My younger sister had thin and very curly hair. We hated our own hair and loved each other’s. My hair was pretty healthy. My mom probably oiled them once a week.

Today, I still oil my hair once/twice a week but my hair seems dull and not like before. Guess, that’s the part of growing older. I also didn’t have any pot belly!

I am very lazy when it comes to doing my hair. I hate using hot tools. It takes me forever to straighten my hair. I have one straightening iron which I use occasionally.

So, I have my own techniques of doing my hair naturally without using any hot tools, rollers and what not. I am a huge fan of soft curls/waves that is volumized and natural looking. This hairstyle is perfect for summer.

I have been asked few times on how I get my wavy hair. So, I am going to show you how I get them. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures before the actual hair do. So I will be posting some google images. If you know simple braiding, you should be able to recreate these looks. All you will need are rubber bands and hairspray/hair mousse(optional).

Look 1- curls and straight bangs
 After washing my hair, I gently combed my hair. I applied a little amount of hair mousse all over my hair(I left out the bangs). I started braiding my hair from the top part of my head(in the pictures below, the girls started from mid way, I started from the very top) all the way to the end. I then, slept on it. The next morning/afternoon, I took the braids out. Part it sidewise or however you want. Notice my bangs are straight because I didn't braid them.
via google images
Look 2- light curls with bangs
This one has less curls than look 1. After washing my hair, I gently combed my hair. I applied a little amount of hair mousse all over my hair. I parted my hair to two sides and started braiding my hair from the very top(like the picture below). I included the bangs as well. I then slept on it. The next morning/afternoon, I took the braids out. 
via google images
Look 3- deep curls 
This look is exactly like look 2 but I left my braided hair intact for about 2 days. So the waves/curls are deeper. I also used a little more hair mousse, so the curls look a little wet and shiny.

Look 4- half straight half wavy
This one is the easiest and the fastest. After I washed my hair, I towel dried my hair and left it for few minutes. Then, my hair was half dry. I then parted my hair in the middle and started to comb them. I pulled back my hair to the bottom towards my neck and tied the hair with a rubber band(like in the picture below). Then I simply braided my hair and tied it with a rubber band again. After an hour or less, I took my braids out. My hair was straight till my neck and little wavy on the bottom. 
via google images
I hope these little tips were helpful to someone out there. They are very simple and non-professional but they look great especially if you have a small head like mine. Take care.
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