Saturday, March 2, 2013

Red coat and recurring pimple..

We all get pimples here and there from time to time, right!

Growing up, I never had skin problems (that I knew of). I never used anything on my face. No face wash, no moisturizers. I was never taught about skin care. I had just heard that, if you leave your skin alone it will be just fine. And worse, I used to be under sun a lot. My yellow skin took everything without complaining.

Beginning my 20s, I started using moisturizer when going out. (Never used anything at night or on the day I stayed home, I only started taking care of my skin since few years back, when I started my blog basically). I remember, time to time I would get pimples. The reason was exams, papers due, nature's monthly visits, basically stress. It was actually just one pimple on my left cheek close to my nose.

Till today, I get pimples at the exact same spot. It is my recurring pimple. I know her so well. I can feel when she is about to come. She sneaks out whenever she can. Creepy!

Did this girl just write a whole post describing her pimple, oh yes she did!
 What I wore
coat, shoes & clutch: forever21
pants: vanity
earrings: napier, herbergers
lipstick: nyc 309B sheer red
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