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Guest post by Dana Ramos and a giveaway(closed): What Kind of Skin Do YOU Have? And can you make it better?

Update: Thank you all who participated. The winners are Niya and Sonam. Congratulations guys! I will be emailing you shortly.
Beautiful Dana(Can you believe she is over 50 years old!) and her book
No matter what kind of skin you have--even if it is perfect or troubled--you can make it better. For most of us, we can make simple changes to improve it at home, skipping expensive salons or products. 

Normal Skin:  This can range from dry to oily to a bit sun-damaged. That is all in the normal range.  As we age, we often develop problems such as skin discoloration, fine lines, adult acne. For those issues, one of the best and most impressive treatments have been the use of "peels," such as glycolic peels that are increasingly found in facial salons and dermatologists offices. Often called "lunchtime" peels because they are quick and have zero down-time, a series of these can be really transformative--helping build collagen, minimize fine lines, even out skin tone, make pores smaller and improve acne issues.  And best of all, you can do your own glycolic peels for a fraction of salon and office prices (about $7 a treatment if you do it yourself). If you want to learn how to give yourself glycolic peels easily and safely with the right products, I strongly suggest you read The Skin Regime, Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin (go to to read the first 30 pages free). The book will tell you everything you need to start turning your normal skin issues into beautiful skin--and how to maintain it.

Troubled Skin:  Severe acne, lots of sun damage, eczema or other diseases--there are marvelous new oral and topical medications to help you. Accutane (generic name isotretinoin) is an oral med that has worked wonders for severe and cystic acne, but is not for everyone. But there are also new light treatments and lasers that can help--or even completely cure--a wide range of skin diseases and can minimize a lot of skin wrinkles as well. Be sure to contact a good cosmetic dermatologist for appropriate treatment--not a spa or salon (because you will need a skilled doctor to get the right treatment for really troubled skin). 

Perfect Skin:   So, you have no problems, and look great? Most people in this category are either in their 20s or have taken fabulous care of their skin from birth. But beware--the sun will ruin your skin quickly and the damage won't show up until you are about 30--when the first lines and sun damage spots start appearing. So, the best advice is to wear sunscreen now, and by the time you hit your mid to late 20s, you might want to add in use of Retin-A (generic name tretinoin). Over the past few decades, the miraculous benefits of tretinoin have been well documented by the medical community--such as reversing sun damage (even the damage you don't yet see), as well as preventing early fine lines, and even preventing skin cancer. 

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You can find out more about Dana Ramos and her book "The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin" HERE. She is also on TWITTER and FACEBOOK .

Personally, I have always believed that "less is more" when it comes to skin care. Dana states that you don't need to spend tons of money to achieve perfect skin. You can reverse sun damage and aging and get fabulous skin with a routine you create at home, using inexpensive products available at drugstores or on-line.

Dear friends, Dana wants to send two of you the book and the sample peel, for free of course! And she is willing to ship it anywhere in the world. If you are interested, please leave a comment below(with your email id) or on my facebook page. Tell me what your skin type is and what problems you generally face. Also tell me why you want to win the book and the peel. Or just write anything you like, really. I will choose two winners by April 20. Everyone is eligible to take part in this fun contest. Good luck!

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