Monday, April 1, 2013

Black pants, striped blouse and faux fur jacket..

Guys, did you see the scope bacon flavored mouthwash ad?! Is that for real? Hope they are only trying to make us April fools. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they actually came out with the product. I have a hunch that lot of people might like it. Ewww!

Seriously, who founded April fools day or why for that matter. I remember one April day when my mom made fool out of my Aunt. This happened years ago when I was in Nepal. My mom called my aunt to our house for some very important reason! And my Aunt came running for nothing. Thank god she lived close by.

Today, I am seeing these ridiculous statuses on everybody’s facebook. Tell me, did you fool anyone today?!
I am wearing
top: gap
pants: forever21
fur vest & necklace: herbergers
shoes: kmart
sunglasses: rayban
earrings: ebay
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