Wednesday, July 10, 2013

:Closed: the skin regime book and the new 1-4-all peel GIVEAWAY

Update: The winner of this giveaway is Pupul Pachauri. Congratulations Pupul, I will email you shortly. Thanks all who participated, I will come back with more giveaways in future. Stay tuned.
Hi friends. The lovely Dana and I are collaborating on a skincare giveaway again. If you don't know who she is and what she does, check this post.

Like before, we are giving away the book and the new 1-4-all peel. I am super excited to use the peel because I just got back from a hot vacation. My skin is super dry and a little burned.

The Book: The book tells the truth about beauty products and skin care, explaining why most products are junk and a huge waste of time and money. Direct and humorous, her book instructs how to create a personalized regime based on products and advice most dermatologists recommend for their patients. The truly skin-transforming ingredients really work and the book teaches you how to find and use "peel" treatments like medical spas and doctors use--for a fraction of the cost, safely and easily. 

The 1-4-All Peel: works for EVERY skin type (except those with severe issues or diseases) and EVERY skin color. For a mild peel, you would put on 1 layer, and each additional layer increases the strength--for those who want a stronger peel. Thus the name "1-4-All." It has glycolic and a pinch of TCA, and will reverse sun damage, lighten dark spots, reduce acne, even out your skin tone, tighten pores, reduce fine lines. Just like the expensive salon peels, but more like what dermatologists use in their offices. Yes, you can do it at home, because 1 layer is mild--YOU choose the strength!!!~Dana

This giveaway is international. There is one winner. To enter, simply comment under this post below and let me know you want to participate. Also, like my facebook page for winner updates and more. (If you are unable to comment below, comment on my facebook page letting me know you want to participate.) The giveaway closes on july 20.

Good luck!
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