Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pale pink crochet cardigan and floral midi skirt..

The internet was down for couple of days. I ended up reading books which is a good thing..a great thing! I enjoy fiction. Reading fiction books is like living a different life or being in a different world altogether. Its fun to escape the reality and get a taste of unimaginable...impossible...fantasy...dream...
The skirt I am wearing here is quiet old, 10+years. I was in Nepal when my ma-ma(mother's brother) gifted me this skirt among other things. He brought 3 similar skirts(he had come back from America). The other ones were a blue one which my sister took and a pink-sparkly one which my cousin(ma-ma's daughter) took. My sister still has her blue skirt which she hardly wears and refuse to let me have it. My cousin probably doesn't own her's anymore. Its hard for me to let go of my things. Sometimes "the man" secretly throws my old stuff because I don't have the guts to do it myself.

Of course I am not going to let go of this skirt. It is in great condition and I happen to love it immensely.
(cardigan/bag: herbergers) (skirt: forever21) (watch: guess) (flats: zara)
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