Thursday, October 17, 2013

Readers request: My skincare routine..

My bare face after cleansing. Sorry about the red eyes and chapped lips.
Heres a little history on my skin. Growing up, I don't remember having serious problems with acne or pimples. I also never used any products on my skin. I was just uneducated about skin. I do remember having little brown and bumpy spots on my face though. Ofcourse, I never paid any attention to them. I seriously began taking care of my skin from few years back in my late 20s.

I believe my skin type is normal. Not too oily or dry. I do get small zits and pimples time to time. They usually show up on my cheek area close to my nose, in-between my eyebrows(weird place for a zit, don't you think!) or on my chin.

My skincare routine is very simple. I don't believe in layering tons of products on my skin. I am a big fan of natural oils for my skin. I have used coconut oil and olive oil in past as moisturizers and loved them. Recently I have been using pure vitamin e oil. Whenever I feel like my skin is dry, I dab vitamin e all over my skin. Vitamin e oil is an amazing antioxidant. It also helps fading acne and dark spots. When I get zits, I apply tea tree oil. It dries the zits overnight.

My morning routine:
I wash my face with water. I skip cleansing with face-wash in the morning because my skin is not that oily. I will then dab a little vitamin e oil around my eye area and on the face if I think my skin needs more moisture(especially if I am going to wear makeup). Then I apply Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer. I love this moisturizer. And thats it! If I am doing makeup, I will proceed with little foundation and what not.

My night routine:
I cleanse my face. I just use basic gentle exfoliating cleanser for my skin.
Then I apply my night creme. I use creme with retinol. This instantly leaves my skin firm and tight. I can seriously feel it. I love these 40 carrots cremes. Eye gel is ok but the creme works so wonderfully for my skin.

I am not very big on mask and such. But I do indulge in homemade or natural mask like here. I also take vitamins and supplements like fish oil, garlic oil, shatavari and so on. I also happen to love water.

So, that is my skincare routine. Super simple and basic. Hope this was helpful.

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Till next time. ~Asta
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