Thursday, November 21, 2013

Black sweater dress and printed coat ..

Hi loves. Happy Thursday or whats left of it !
Yes..the hair..its everywhere ! I have never really cared for sweater dresses. I remember one time my sister bought 3 or 4 sweater dresses at the same time. She wore them when she went back home in South Asia. I have never seen her wear them again. (Anila, If you are reading this, "why don't you wear them anymore? I think they would be perfect for your work ! ")

This is probably my first legitimate sweater/knit dress..I think ! Got this last year on my birthday. It is a beautiful classic piece but I just don't reach to it. I also think I should have gotten a size bigger. I tend to think I am still the same size I was 5 years ago which is not the case anymore !
(coat: Nepal) (sweater dress: victoria's secret (currently on sale)
Till next time. ~ Asta
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