Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mango chutney..

Happy Thursday guys. Today is a food post after a long time.

I started making this chutney early this summer. We had bought the first mangoes of the season and they happened to be under-ripe. I remembered my aunt used to make raw mangoes chutney back home and I used to love them. I didn't know the recipe. But, I remember the sweet and spicy taste of it. So, I went ahead and experimented with whatever ingredients I had. And they came out great. This is a very simple and easy recipe and taste heavenly. If you love mangoes, you will love this.
(I made this almost every week all summer. I used to put it in plastic box, cover it and keep it in fridge and eat a little day to day with lunch or dinner.)
Main ingredients:  mangoes, salt, sugar, red chili peppers. (You can most definitely make the chutney with just these ingredients and even add pineapples, or apples. You can also use white vinegar or lemon juice. I tried making more authentic south asian style spicy chutney.)

1. Peel the mangoes and cut them into small pieces. I used 2 mangoes. I think raw mangoes make the best chutney because they are naturally sour which gives the tangy taste. But you can use any kind. Try to find mangoes that are ripe but not too soft.

2. Pour oil on a pan. Add some cumin seeds. (You can also add other spices like mustard seeds which I didn't have.)

3. Add the mangoes.

4. Add sugar and salt. I used 4 tea spoon of sugar and half a tea spoon of salt.

5. I then added a tea-spoon of red chili peppers. I also added "Amchur" which is powdered green mango. (You can also add curry powder.)

6. Add about a cup of water. I made this in a pressure cooker, so it was done in about 10 minutes after which I stirred and mashed them into a thick syrupy texture. If you are using a pan, let it simmer uncovered for half an hour or so. Stir it occasionally and cook it until you achieve the thick syrupy texture.

7. Let it cool down. This taste sweet, sour, hot and tangy ! This can be used as party spread, dipping sauce, with roasted meat, bread and so on. I eat this alongside the classic rice and curry combo.

I hope you give this recipe a chance. This is a perfect side dish for any kind of food. Anyone can make this, its that simple. And you can make your own version of it !
Till next time. ~ Asta
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