Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Guest post by Anjolee : Tips for cleaning diamond jewelry

For women who cook or work with their hands while they wear their jewelry, you’re probably not surprised that your diamond jewelry is dirty, but even the women who take their diamonds off to lotion their hands or other activities may be surprised to see that they’re still dirty. The oils from your skin affect it, and other things like dust or powder. No matter what has reduced the brilliance of your wedding band, eternity ring, earrings or other sparklers, there are some simple home-care remedies that will get them up to dazzling once again.

1. The Ultrasonic Cleaner and Other Products
The Ultrasonic Cleaner is one of many diamond-cleaning products on the market. While steps such as putting your diamonds in a metal bowl and filling it with water and detergent are something you can do without a machine, the built-in high-frequency turbulence is it’s greatest feature, thoroughly cleaning your diamonds. Be sure to review all of the instructions before you begin, as you don’t want to misuse the turbulence and damage your diamonds.

2. Spot Clean Method
If all you need is a little spot cleaning, try something that you’re likely to have in your house already: glass cleaner. Spritz a little onto the jewelry and rub clean with a lint-free towel. This is great for larger pieces that have thumbprints on them.

3. Soaking Method
If the gunk and debris you identify on your diamonds is around the settings or in other hard to reach places, your best bet is to soak your jewelry. You can immerse your jewelry in tubs of hot water with dishwashing detergent (be sure there’s no chlorine in it first), in lestoil, or in ammonia. All three of these different substances will bring your diamonds up to dazzling with just a few minutes submerged. Afterward, be sure to scrub at your jewelry with a toothbrush or soft bristled brush, and rinse within a colander. This is extremely important as you don’t want your jewelry to end up down the drain. From there, pat or rub dry with a lint-free cloth.

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Happy Holidays ! ~ Asta

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