Friday, January 17, 2014

review: Elizabeth Arden pure finish mineral tinted moisturizer SPF15

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Today I am going to review pure finish mineral tinted moisturizer SPF 15 by Elizabeth Arden. I got this product last summer. I wanted something light and a quick fix up for my skin. I got the shade light 02.
As the name suggests, it is a moisturizer that contains bit of color. The coverage is almost sheer/light but buildable. It is very easy to blend. It is not matte. It gives a healthy glow to the skin. And you need very little product. The texture is that of a thick moisturizer.

I bought this product online after reaserching and reading the reviews. In my defense, there are only few colors Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. So, it was easy to pick a shade. I have yellow toned olive, normal skin. So, I chose light shade. It is still a little darker shade for my skin. But, it kind of makes my skin come to life by adding a bit of golden/bronze tint.
Please excuse my droopy/swollen eyes on left. I had just woken up. 
Because of its light coverage, it doesn't conceal all the redness and blemishes. In the after photo, you can still see my blemishes and redness around cheeks. But my skin does look more healthy, bronzy and dewy. Basically, it looks like a better version of my natural skin.

This product is not the best choice for oily skin types. It is probably best for those who have nice, clear skin but wants to add a healthy tint for everyday use. But, you can definitely use this as a base coat or primer. And then, add liquid or powder foundation.

The color range is not that great. There are only few colors available. I could probably use one shade lighter. 

While this is a great product for what it is(a tinted moisturizer), personally I would rather buy a light coverage foundation. 

Till next time. ~ Asta

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