Friday, February 21, 2014

review: Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

Happy Weekend. Today I am going to review Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara. I have had this Mascara for a while. After the first use, I was appalled by it. But, I gave it many chances because I really wanted to like it. Read on for a full review.

I bought this mascara because I heard really good reviews in youtube. I am always looking for a good mascara, so I thought I would go ahead and see if it is really as good as they say. Its pretty pricey compared to drugstores mascaras but I had a gift card to spare.

The brush is large and uniquely shaped. The product has a distinct smell. Its not a bad smell though. I got the non-waterproof formula.

My first time with this mascara was a horrifying experience. I think its same with all new mascaras though. The fiber brush picked up lot of mascara and my lashes ended with chunks of mascara on them. I had my sister use it once and she instantly hated it. She said it was too clumpy. Because of the thick ~ shaped brush, the application is not easy, especially for the lower lash.
On the odd days, if I am able to avoid the clumps, my lashes do look fuller and longer. It does open up my eyes instantly. The mascara is buildable and the more you apply, the more longer and fuller the lashes looks. But, they don't look natural and looks like spider lashes. The product doesn't dry instantly which gives me leverage to undo my mistakes, reapply, or modify the application. That's the one advantage of non-waterproof mascara.

On the picture below, I swiped off most of the product from the brush. Then I gently applied the mascara near the root of my lashes and then worked up to the tips. I wiggled up and through my lashes. I only applied one coat. Even then, I did have to clean and separate some lashes with lash comb.
By the end of the night, my lashes held pretty good but I did have black residues under my eyes.

Will I buy this mascara again? NO. It is not worth the money or hype. I have used far better mascaras from drugstores. I like mascaras that have light application and that separates my lashes. These are heavy and clumpy and difficult to work with.

If you are someone who has very short eyelashes, this would probably work for you. It does lengthen your eyelashes and make them visible. But, you have to be very patience and careful while applying it.
Till next time. ~ Asta

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