Thursday, March 13, 2014

review: Dorco Shai Soft Touch 6 blades razor..

Hi guys. Happy Thursday.

So, I got a email from a company called Dorco asking if they could send me their product for review. When I found out that they are a manufacturer of high quality shaving systems, cartridges and disposable razors for men and women..I was like..ok..I guess. I mean..spring/summer is coming..a girl could always use more razors..right ! ;-)

The package came in few days from California. They sent me Shai soft touch 6 blades razor.
Product description
1 handle 
2 cartridges
6 blades
lubricating strip
stylized rubber grip
The product is pretty great. The razors really glide well. There are 3 blades up top and 3 bottom. It was a little intimidating at first, but I only had to use one stroke to get rid of the hair. You know, with some razors you really have to go back and forth many times which is really irritating and time consuming. 

The rubber and lubricating strip around the head of the razor provides a smooth shave. The handle itself is really well made and comfortable to hold. It is a sturdy plastic handle (with nice rubber cushion) and the part that holds the razor head is made of actual metal. 
It was a close shave and I didn't experience any nicks or cuts. And the best thing is, they are very affordable. The company boasts on providing superior high quality razors, systems and cartridges 30% to 70% less price than leading brands.

If you are someone who uses razors often, you know how expensive they can get over time. Buying their products, you can definitely save money and not miss on quality. They are as good as the more expensive razors like venus. I have read their reviews online and they seem to have great customer service as well.

If you are on market for good razors for you or your man, do check them out. They sell bundle packs, cartridges, refills and all the shaving stuff. Check out below for discount code.

Till next time. ~ Asta

Coupon Code: JD525Y014A
Discount Amount: 15% off
Number of Uses: 1 per customer
Expiration Date: 4-30-2014
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