Friday, August 8, 2014

Mango avocado salsa..

Happy Friday ! Today, I am going to share a very easy, fast, super tasty and healthy mango avocado salsa recipe.
Main ingredients are obviously Mangoes and Avocados. I like to use 2:1 avocado mango ratio. Also, I like to use ripe avocado and not-so-ripe mango because ripe mango makes the salsa too sweet. You also need raw onions, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, salt and lime juice(not only does it add the flavor, it also helps the salsa from discoloring). I also add sriracha hot sauce because it makes everything better ! Mix everything and thats it.
Enjoy the salsa with tortilla chips. I like to spread the salsa on a toast and eat it as breakfast or a snack. You can put it in tacos..I mean..You can eat it anyway you fancy. It is delicious !
Till next time. ~ Asta
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