Thursday, October 16, 2014

review: L'oreal true match super-blendable makeup in warm natural beige W4..

First thing first, this foundation is quiet popular. I heard so many good things about this foundation, that I decided to try it myself. Also, the words "super blendable" and "spf 17" on the bottle sold me.

The color range of this product is amazing. As per l'oreal website, there are 33 shades which is impressive. The shades are broken down in categories; warm, neutral and cool. One is bound to find their shade. It is very affordable costing less than $10 USD. The foundation is medium to full coverage and gives satin matte finish. It is blendable.

The product consistency is runny. This pleased me at first. Then, when I applied it, it started to dry up pretty quickly. This is not one of those foundation that you can dab all over your face and come back to blend. If you do that, you probably need to spray water on the brush and blend it.

And, because of the runny consistency, I thought this would be really light foundation. But, it is actually quiet heavy. I suppose it is buildable but not without looking cakey and overly done. It also clings to the dry patches.

Although, it is satin matte finish, it does have golden glitters in it. It just makes your face a little dewy . But, after few hours, my skin looked oily. Also, if you touch your face, the foundation slides right off. I feels nice and light in the beginning but it never really sets on the face.
Compare my hand with my can tell i have foundation on..i look a bit orange or looks nice but it didn't feel nice if that makes just felt heavy and not smooth. I felt like I was wearing lot of makeup which I am not a fan of..I like foundation that looks like my second skin, a better version of my own skin which this is not.
I love glowy, dewy finish but not shiny slippery finish. By the end of the day, my skin looked awful. It looked patchy. You could tell, I was wearing thick goo on my face which was beginning to wear off.

I was really underwhelmed by this product. I just had high hope because of what I heard. I tried it with my fingers, brush, and wet brush. It is just a difficult foundation to work with. I don't recommend this product to anyone.

If you have used this foundation, how was your experience with it ? Do share.
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